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Northern Soul Mix Vol. 1

Listen here: HERE!

Track listing-

Not Too Long Ago- The Uniques

It's The Little Things You Do- Joyce Cotton

Hide Nor Hair- Earl Grant

I Don't Have A Mind Of My Own- BJ Thomas

You Can't Mean It- Chapter 5

Super Love- David & The Giants

Am I The Same Girl- Barbara Acklin

Let A Woman Be A Woman (And Let A Man Be A Man)- Dyke & The Blazers

Champ- The Mowhawks

I'd Think It Over Twice- Sam Fletcher

Wack Wack- Young Holt Unlimited

California Soul- Marlena Shaw

Sign on the Dotted Line- Tommy Hunt

Night Owl- Bobby Paris

Landslide - Tony Clarke

Lost Summer Love- Lorraine Silver

Broken Bottles & Sticks- Dean Parrish

Spanish Maiden- Tony Middleton

If You Loved Me- Peggy March

Sanford & Son Theme- Quincy Jones

I'll Never Forget You- The O'Jays

Sliced Tomatoes- Just Brothers

Out On The Floor- Dobie Gray

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