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Interview with Tim Wells

Updated: May 24, 2022

What can you tell us about your new book? Shine On Me is a year on from Moonstomp. There’s more werewolfery, quality shmatta, and some mod weetches. There’s a lot of slang, yiddische, and a dash of polari too. There’s plenty of detail on the clothes of the time, that’s one thing people really picked up on in Moonstomp. That came as a surprise to me, I didn’t know I was writing about clothes so much. There’s some of my favourite bits of east London in the book, as well as savagery and sounds. Do you prefer writing horror fiction to poetry? Given the 2 year lockdown we went through, I found horror quite cathartic. I’m still turning out poems. It’s fine to have a beer and a whiskey. There’s a lot more research for the horror, and that’s one of the things I enjoy most about writing. Even though they’re pulp novels; they should be accurate. What’s your fanzine Mucky Pup all about? Given that it’s been ages since we’ve been able to do gigs, cos of the covids, I knocked up a little ‘zine to help push the new book. It’s got some reviews of Moonstomp in it, some bits about the research for Shine On Me, as well as a couple of skinhead poems from me and Porky the Poet. There are a few pics of mates with books. We’ve sent a few out to reviewers and the like and a stack for the book launch. How has your massive success changed you? I’m only a massive success in Boots N Booze. I’ve said to myself if the new book does well, I’ll get a splat to celebrate. Hearing some folk I’ve liked and respected say they enjoyed the books has been heart-warming. I was especially cheered by the 3 people who looked at the cover of Moonstomp and told me they read it in the 70s. To keep it all on an even keel the haters be hatin’.

Is Shine On Me the end or is there going to be more? I’ve already got an idea for a next pulp horror. It won’t be werewolf’s this time, but more along the lines of an Amicus portmanteau. I’ll enjoy the readings and push for Shine OnMe done before I start any work proper on that.

We saw the one page Moonstomp comic that our editor Joel Loya drew, any chance of a whole graphic novel? Joel did a great job on that and I’d be delighted if he did more. Might take a while to draw, after a lifetime of onanism the lad has very weak wrists.

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