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The Tall Ghost in the Field

Growing up in the Santa Cruz mountains, we often had to walk home from a bus stop, in the pitch black. All sorts of noises and bumps would freak you out.

One night my brother mentioned on crazy moonlit night, he's seen an unusually tall man, in a suit and top hat, standing in the bushes. Almost like a spectre. As my brother walked pass, the man mumbled something inaudible.

For the longest time I'd figured it was another way from my brother to freak us out.

Fast forward years later, my two friends Gardner and Little John were riding on the backs of scooters, headed up this same road in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Afterwards, I overhear Little John mention "Did you see that super tall guy standing out in the field in the moonlight?"

My heart stopped. I'd never mentioned that story to him.

When I wrote my 1985 Graphic Novel, I had to include this strange character in a dream sequence.- JAMES

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