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Hey Misty!

Drinking Slurpies with booze. Mandy, Tanya and myself. I assume a party before going somewhere. Stop off at 7-11 on the way, get a Slurpee (in the summer they had Pina Colada flavor) and pour cheap rum in it. Ta da! Insta cocktail!

We had more class than the boys drinking the cheap Blatz, or whatever the cheapest 12 pack was at the time. Mid 1980's. Still in high school. Wish I could remember more. I was in my pixey fringe phase; which came and went a few times with me a few times.

I rarely got to hang with girls so was stoked. Always wanted a girl gang but was usually me and all the boys. Mandy had a car and that was excellent. Hence the Slurpee run. --Misty

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