• Joel

They Live!

Possibly one of our favorite films of all time. This John Carpenter classic starred the immortally amazing Rowdy Roddy Piper as a mild mannered homeless construction worker, who through chance, stumbles upon a resistance movement that manufacture special sunglasses. These sunglasses allow you to see the world how it truly is. It's a black n white subliminal messaged landscape covered in messages like 'OBEY' and 'MARRY & REPRODUCE'.

An old friend actually worked on the movie and had bundles of the actual stickers used in the film. He gave me a bunch I truly covet these stickers, and once in a while,I find a die-hard fan whom I anoint with one of these (I even gave an OBEY one to Shepherd Fairey at a party, he pretty much lost his mind). Some of these were die-cut for the items they were specified for like a beer bottle, or, tuna can.

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